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Shuchona Begum

Location: United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Right To Work In The UK: Yes

Chest Size: 34

Bust Size: 32 B

Waist Size: 32

Hip Size: 34

Height: 142

Weight: 43

Playing Age: 16-19

Dress Size:

T-Shirt Size: M

Kids Clothing Size:

Shoe Size: 1

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Hair Length: Medium

Tattoos: No

Actor: Yes

Singer: No

Dancer: No


Dialects / Accents
I have a standard British accent

I wear a hijab, I have big plump lips, small nose, straight teeth, chinky eyes, chubby cheeks and faint dimples




Special Skills
I have great communication and listening skills! I love to to make sure people are comfortable around me so I always tend to smile at everyone. I have great modelling skills as I model for my friends and my fashion sense is exquisite.

Sports Skills
I like to play football and basket ball